Henry Winter (@henrywinter) January 3, 2017 Arsenal Looked To Have No Answer, And Eddie Howe’s Cherries Continued To Dominate The Chances.

Arsenal were improved after the Web Site break but still could not register a shot on target. It was Bournemouth who had the ball in the net again 10 minutes into the second half, but it was ruled out after Harry Arter’s lashed effort hit Wilson on the arm. In the 58th minute, though, it was 3-0 after Bellerin was muscled off the ball byFraser on the left and the Scotsman burst into the box before finishing through Cech’s legs, per TheTimes’ Henry Winter: “We want four”, chant #afcb fans. Fraser shove. Bellerin too weak. he saidFraser finish through Cech legs. #afc meltdown; players arguing. Henry Winter (@henrywinter) January 3, 2017 Arsenal looked to have no answer, and Eddie Howe’s Cherries continued to dominate the chances. But Sanchez gave the Gunners a lifeline in the 70th minute after heading home Giroud’s glance at the far post.

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