Agents Come From All Different Academic And Professional Backgrounds And Train For Just Over Four Months At The Academy, Where They Will Learn To Process The More Than 1 Million People Who Cross The Border Daily.

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Mark Morgan in a transition meeting at the CBP Headquarters Mexico border. Agents come from all different academic and professional backgrounds and train for just over four months at the academy, where they will learn to process the more than 1 million people who cross the border daily. They also focus on physical fitness and learn Spanish to become fluent by the time they graduate. Other training includes water safety, combat courses in light and dark, and off-road driving courses to prepare for the challenging terrain agents may face on the job. Karina Frayter | CNBC CNBCs Kate Rogers in off-road driving training at the U.S. Border Patrol Academy Dangers are ever-present on the nation’s borders, where on a typical day 9,400 pounds of drugs are seized and 23 wanted criminals are apprehended, according to the agency. “We want our men and women who go out there to get it right,” said Dan Harris, chief patrol agent of the U.S. Border Patrol Academy. “When they have to make split-second decisions to save their lives, or someone else’s life, or their partner’s life, we want them to get it right.” BonusesTo help recruit millennials for front-line positions, the agency has launched the CBP “Apply Now!” webpage, increased its digital marketing efforts on social media sites like Facebook and is conducting analysis on other law enforcement recruitment sites to improve the agency’s visibility.

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